Wake County Bail Bonds in Raleigh, NC

Listed below is some basic information about the Wake County bail bond process in Raleigh, North Carolina. Get the right information you need to free your loved one today.

Call Winston Bail Bonding for your FREE consultation on how to post bail in Wake County.

Posting bail can be a difficult and confusing task. When someone is arrested in Wake County they have a few main options to choose from:

1) Sit in jail await trial

2) Post bail using a Bail Bondsman

3) Post bail using Cash or Property

Posting bail using a bail bondsman is the easiest, fastest way to post bail in Wake County. In many cases, you can get started posting bail even before the actual bail amount is set. By calling Winston Bail Bonding immediately when you or a loved one has been arrested can drastically reduce the release time from the Wake County jail.

To post bail in the Wake County Bail Bond process in Raleigh, NC you will need the following:

1) Bail Bondsman

2) Co-Signer (Must be 21yrs. old, valid I.D., proof of employment, resident of NC.)

3) Cash- Debit/ Credit Cards accepted. Payment arraignments must be made prior to posting bail

Contacting Winston Bail Bonding should be your first step in posting bail. Winston Bail Bonding provides 24hr. Wake County Bail Bonds services on ALL bonds in Raleigh, NC including $500 bonds and failure to appears (FTA’S). Call Winston Bail Bonding at (919) 819-6918 to get your free bail info.


  • Remain Patient- All paperwork and payments must be completed before posting bail.
  • Wait in your car or designated waiting area inside.
  • Have necessary documents ready including payment.
  • Dont's

  • Don't skip bail or miss court
  • Don't call or solicit another bail bondsman if Winston Bail Bonding agrees to post bail.
  • Don't provide false information.
  • In the Wake County Bail Bonds process, you will pay a bail bondsman a fee up to 15% of the amount of the bond (See Our RATES). Cash or Property collateral may also be required to post bail. The Wake County jail requires that ALL bail bonding activities including completing paperwork and collection of payment be conducted off premises.

    To post bail in Wake County you will need to meet with one of our local Bail Agents to complete the necessary paperwork. A co-signer with valid I.D. is required. Payment arraignments must be made prior to posting bail.

    Posting bail including meeting with a bail bondsman and filling out the necessary paperwork can take about 20 minutes. The actual release time from the Wake County Jail can vary. Call Winston Bail Bonding ahead of time to get started on the bail bond process early.


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