Know Your Rights: What to Do After a Wake County Arrest

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Know Your Rights: What to Do After a Wake County Arrest

wake county arrest

wake county arrestNo one thinks an arrest is in their future but arrests happen for a number of reasons, including just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We understand that during this time, emotions can run high. Sometimes, they cause to react without thinking. For this reason, it is crucial to understand your rights.

Your rights are there to protect you. If an officer decides to arrest you after suspecting you of a crime, it is important to know what you can and cannot do. The following will help you know your rights in case you experience a Wake County arrest.

Remain Silent & Seek An Attorney

If arrested you should not speak until you seek counsel from an attorney. You should invoke your right to remain silent during and after an arrest. Speaking up could result in you incriminating yourself.

You can tell the police you wish to remain silent and want to speak with an attorney. Once arrested, remember do not speak with police, family, friends or other inmates about your predicament. If you end up incriminating yourself, these people could serve as government witnesses.

Police officers are trained to draw information out of people. Other inmates could trade any information you give them to the government in hopes of achieving some sort of personal gain.

Act as though all of your conversations are recorded. The only confidential conversations are those between you and your attorney.

If you’re arrested you maintain the right to representation or counsel by an attorney. You can hire an attorney you trust or seek representation from a defense attorney. Your attorney will work with you, for you.

Your Miranda Rights

If you’re arrested and the police intend to question you once booked, they must read your Miranda rights to you. Your statements cannot be used against you if the police do not read you these rights.

They could ask you to sign a written Miranda waiver before any questioning takes place. Never waive your Miranda rights under any circumstances.

Cooperate With Police

Undergoing arrest is never anticipated and can illicit emotional responses. Always cooperate with police and never resist arrest. This behavior shows officers you’re reasonable and will make the process go by faster.

If your case reaches trial, a judge could ask law enforcement about your behavior at the time of arrest. Your polite and cooperative behavior could make all the difference when it comes to sentencing.

Remember that the place to defend yourself is in court and not to an officer during an arrest.

What You Should Do During A Wake County Arrest

Beyond these rights, you can choose to contact a bail bondsman after an arrest. One you’re booked and processed a judge will set bail if eligible. At this time a family member can contact a bail bondsman to help you get out of jail faster.

You may never expect to undergo an arrest. Knowing your rights will help you keep calm during the process. If you’re interested in learning more about bail bonds services, contact us today.


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