How Do Raleigh NC Bail Bonds Work?

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October 12, 2017
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How Do Raleigh NC Bail Bonds Work?

Raleigh nc bail bonds

You’re probably familiar with the concept of bailing someone out of jail.

You may have even bailed someone out or have been bailed out yourself.

But have you ever really thought about how the process works?

In 2016, over 10 million people were arrested in the US. Under our legal system, every one of those people is innocent until proven guilty.

Bail simply serves as a way for those who have not yet been found guilty to get a little relief from the discomfort of sitting in a jail cell while awaiting trial.

Keep reading for a closer look at bail and how Raleigh NC bail bonds work.


What Is Bail Anyway?

When someone is arrested for a crime, they will be taken to jail for booking. Once they arrive, they’ll be asked for a statement and will have their fingerprints taken, along with a mugshot.

While awaiting trial, they will sit in jail unless they are released on bail.

Bail is simply cash, property or a bond that the arrested person gives the court as an assurance that they will return and appear in court when ordered.

Once bail has been paid, if the defendant decides not to show up in court, the court can keep the bail and issue a warrant for their arrest.

Raleigh NC Bail Bonds–How They Work

Bail bonds are simply a form of payment the court will accept as payment for bail.

When a bail bond is used–rather than cash–a bail bonding agency is making a financial agreement with the court on your behalf.

Since the bail bond agency has entered into an agreement with the court on the defendant’s behalf, they have an interest in ensuring that the defendant appears in court when required.

Raleigh NC bail bonds are set based on the crime committed and the arrested person’s previous history. Every state and local jurisdiction has their own rules about bail, including North Carolina.


How To Get A Bail Bond

There are a few of ways a defendant can be released from jail:

1. The defendant can pay cash for the full amount of the bail
2. In some cases, real property can be used as a sort of collateral with the court
3. The defendant can hire a bail bonds agency

Hiring a bail bonds agency is as simple as getting in touch with an agency. Working with an agency can really simplify the process and save the defendant a good deal of money too.

The defendant will pay a fee to the bail bonds agency in exchange for the bond service, but this fee is significantly less than coming up with the full amount of the bail.

Once the arrested individual has hired a bail bonds agency, the agency will then cover the cost of the bail.


Putting It All Together

If you or someone you love has been arrested, bail will need to be paid for them to be released. Sitting in jail waiting for trial is not experience most people enjoy, especially if they feel they’re innocent.

Now that you have a better understanding of how Raleigh NC bail bonds work, get in touch with us today for a free consultation.


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