Marijuana Legalization: Is It Still a DWI?

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Marijuana Legalization: Is It Still a DWI?

marijuana legalization

marijuana legalization

The rapid approval of states legalizing the use of medical marijuana across the nation is one that is met with excitement as well as intimidation.

Healthcare powerhouses like John Hopkins are finding that the number of deaths from prescription drug overdose is 25 percent lower in states that have legalized marijuana.

However, even though the medical profession is singing the praises of marijuana’s potential use for good, this question always seems to arise:

Will I be charged with a DWI if I’m caught with marijuana in a legalized state?

Well, in this current stage of the growing marijuana legalization process, that’s still a tricky answer.

Marijuana Legalization: Where are we now?

It seems as though every state has its own interpretation of how marijuana legalization should be introduced or avoided.

Many deem this potential medical intervention product a danger to society while others seem to think there are very few drawbacks to its inclusion in their state laws.

North Carolina is still deciding.

A proposed bill is set to be rolled out to voters in 2017, allowing all of us NC’ers to reveal our thoughts on marijuana legalization.

The ‘North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act‘ outlines that medical research has found marijuana to provide profound benefits in alleviating pain, nausea, and other symptoms stemming from debilitating diseases and/or conditions.

Until then, though, here’s an attempt to answer the question about being charged with a DWI if you’re in possession of marijuana in The First State:

There’s Something About Mary

North Carolina has decriminalized small amounts of marijuana. However, that doesn’t mean that carrying around copious amounts of marijuana will keep you out of jail!

Although marijuana is a Schedule VI substance, meaning it’s included in the least serious drug category, there are still limits to the amount that can be carried that could land you in a holding cell.

If found with less than a one-half ounce of marijuana, then you’re looking at a $200 fine. Found with over 1.5 ounces, and you’re probably looking at some jail time and a larger bail price set.

So, back to the question of whether you’ll be found guilty of a DWI – here’s what you need to know:

Less than one-half ounce, you’ll be let go; over 1.5 ounces and you’ll need bail to be let go.

Oops, I have too much

Did you exceed your one-half ounce limit and find yourself in a bit of legal trouble?

Are you worried about getting charged with a DWI since marijuana legalization has not yet passed?

Don’t stress out just yet.

All is not lost, but here’s what to expect:


Getting Back on Track

Until marijuana legalization gains some footing in North Carolina, anyone involved with larger amounts of marijuana found on their person will deal with a DWI.

Know your rights and remember that there are resources to help you cope with a DWI if it happens to you.


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