Immigration Bonds

“The American dream, that has lured tens of millions of all nations to our shores in the past century has not been a dream of merely material plenty, though that has doubtlessly counted heavily. It has been much more than that,” writes James Truslow Adams, a historian.

Live “The American Dream” and don’t let immigration issues hold you back.

In the unfortunate event that a family member or a loved one of yours figures into immigration trouble, such as arrest and detainment, call Winston Bail Bonding a 24-hour bail bond company in Raleigh, NC. If you are not familiar with what an immigration bond is, contact us now and one of our local, licensed bail agents will assist you in setting your loved one free.

An immigration bond, also known as ICE Form I-352, essentially provides a way out of imprisonment to individuals arrested and detained by the immigration. The right time for you to seek an immigration bondsman is when the judge or immigration has set the bond amount on the defendant. Your freedom is one confidential call or visit away. Call Winston Bail Bonding to get started!

The Types of Immigration Bonds

When the ICE or an immigration judge has set the bond amount, you have to be aware of which type of immigration bond applies to the case of your loved one. Don’t panic because there are Raleigh immigration bail bonds that can help you reclaim the freedom of your loved one and reunite the family. Here are the different immigration bonds, each with specific purposes:

Delivery Bond

The ICE detains undocumented immigrants, and depending on their (or a judge’s) decision, a detainee will be able to see the light outside imprisonment through the posting of a delivery bond. A delivery bond serves as a form of reassurance that the individual has plans of attending future court hearings and will comply with a deportation order. It also allows the detainee to consult with an immigration lawyer while enjoying their freedom. Before posting for bail, do know that a delivery bond requires two things: a warrant of arrest and a notice from the ICE detailing custody conditions.

Voluntary Departure Bond

When an immigration judge grants voluntary departure, this type of immigration bond becomes available to an individual under the ICE’s custody. The detainee pays the full amount of the bond to the ICE and can have it refunded once the individual has left the U.S. within the allotted time period. Posting a voluntary departure bond is a way of guaranteeing that the detainee will leave the country on his or her own accord and expense. If the detainee fails to depart for their home country within the agreed timeframe, he or she forfeits the voluntary departure bond and will incur additional legal concerns.

Order of Supervision Bond

The judge or ICE issues an order of supervision in the event that the detainee is released from physical custody. Its purpose is to signal the waiting period that comes before the final order of removal is obtained. The order of supervision bond also makes sure that the person complies with the prescribed conditions of the order. While waiting to be removed from the U.S., the individual has to report to an immigration officer on a regular basis. This involves divulging any changes in personal information and plans of traveling outside the state. Under the order of supervision bond, the arrestee will have to obtain permission for the latter and, in some cases, wear a GPS bracelet.

Public Safety Bond

This type of immigration bond ensures that a foreign national who receives any form of public assistance and service from the U.S. Government during their stay will return just compensation. To be truly free from detainment, posting bail is the only way to go.

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