How Winston Bail Bonding Can Help If You’re Arrested For A DWI

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How Winston Bail Bonding Can Help If You’re Arrested For A DWI

Raleigh Bail Bonds

Raleigh Bail Bonds

There are plenty of consequences for a DWI.

It’s not a pretty situation for anyone. And anyone can find themselves in that situation.

But if you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself in jail due to a DWI, you going to want to spend as little time there as possible.

This is where bail comes in. And Raleigh Bail Bonds will be your ticket out of there.

Raleigh Bail Bonds: How High Could The Bail Get?

How high a judge sets your bail at depends on several things.

  • Criminal Record
  • Crime Severity
  • Employment Status
  • Ties To The Community

If you have no priors, you could see a small bail of only $500.

If you have any more offenses on your record, or this isn’t your first DWI, it can go up.

It can be worse, however. A drunken college student at UNC once killed three people while driving under the influence.

His bail was set at $1 million dollars.

If your case involved serious injury or death to another person, your bail will be high.

What Is Bail For?

Bail is a way in which the court encourages you to come back for your court date.

It’s also another way outside of jail time to increase the severity of a court case.

Bail is essentially a deposit you give to the court.

You get it back when you show up to your next court date.

But some people cannot afford their bail.

This is where Raleigh bail bonds come in.

A bail bond is a sort of short-term loan.

The bondsman will pay your bail and charge you a 15% premium of the total bond set.

If you pay the bond directly to the courts or magistrate, you may request to get your money back when the case is over. The same works with bondsman and at that point the 15% premium paid is earned.

Many people choose a bail bond over having to spend time in jail until their next court date. Court dates can be weeks to months away.

Secured And Unsecured Bail Bonds In Raleigh

How does a bondsman know you’ll pay back the bond?

It really depends on how much they trust you.

If you have a bad credit history or a criminal record, a bondsman may require a security deposit from you.

This isn’t usually cash. Some sort of collateral is needed to ensure that you’ll come back and pay them back.

Security can either do two things. Get you to come back and pay or give the bondsman compensation.

If you skip your court date, the bondsman keeps the security.

Security for a bond could be anything valuable. A house or a car.

If you have no priors and are a well-known community member, you might get an unsecured bond.

Therefore, no bondsman is needed. An unsecured bond just needs the defendant’s signature promising they will attend court.


Winston Bail Bonding is a sure way to get you out of jail until your next court date.

If you can’t afford your bail and need help right away, get in touch with Winston Bail Bonding. We’re here to help.


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