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What do I need to post Bail?
To post bail in the Wake County bail bond process, you will need a local bail bondsman, co-signer with valid I.D., and be able to meet the cash requirements to post bail. Co-signers must be a resident of the State, 21 years or older, and be employed. Cash or credit/debit cards accepted. You will also have to fill out a completed application.
What do I need to do next?
Call Winston Bail Bonding and one of our local, licensed bail agents will assist you in posting bail. All paperwork must be completed to secure release.
Can I pay 5% on a bond?
Winston Bail Bonding offers 5% down payments on bail bonds over $10,000.
How much do I have to pay? Can I pay by phone?
In Wake County, a non-refundable fee is charged up to 15% of the bond amount ($1000x15%) and is due before posting bail. In most cases you can post bail by phone using your credit/debit card. Financing and payment options are available. Motor vehicles are not accepted as payment or collateral.
How long does it take for someone to be released from the Wake County jail?
Posting bail including meeting with a bail bondsman and filling out the paper necessary paperwork can take about 20 minutes. The actual release time from the Wake County Jail can vary from 1-3 hours. Call Winston Bail Bonding ahead of time to get started on the bail process early.