A Judge’s Power: Your Bail Cost is Completely Dependent On Who Your Judge Is

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A Judge’s Power: Your Bail Cost is Completely Dependent On Who Your Judge Is

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When you are facing charges, you’ll need to post bail before you start thinking of court strategies and plea bargains.

By posting bail, you’ll be able to get to the comfort of your own home, contingent upon some conditions levied by the judge.

Bail cost is one of the most important matters that the judge controls.

To learn what criteria that come into play, read on.

What Issues Go Into The Judge Deciding Your Bail Cost?

Since bail cost is left to the judge’s discretion, you need to know what factors they’re going on. The following four points are crucial when any judge is deciding your bail:

#1: The Preference Of The Judge

Keep in mind that judges are human, and will go into this process with their own biases.

Hiring a lawyer gives you the best measure of protection when pleading your case in a bail hearing.

Lawyers in your area have relationships with each judge, and will be your best measure of protection.

This is an edge that will help you keep your bail cost low.

#2: The Nature Of The Charge

You can expect pricey bail or no bail at all when your charges are dangerous or severe.

For instance, a felony charge can make your cost of bail 10 times higher than it otherwise would be.

The judge will decide whether you’re deemed a danger to the public or a flight risk based on these charges.

#3: The Population Of The Jail

Logistics play a role in everything — even your bail cost.

For instance, when the jails are full, the judge will be more lenient with letting you out. If your charges aren’t serious, you’ll likely pay lower rates during times where the local jail is already overcrowded.

This can work in your interests, while a particularly undercrowded jail population might make the judge stand firm on your bail amount.

#4: Your Background Record

Your past is the most critical key in how much bail you’ll pay.

If you’ve had other such charges on your record, the judge will be more likely to levy a stiff bail. Your record will be discussed at length during the bail hearing, which is yet another reason that having a credible attorney by your side is crucial.

A judge that feels you’ll be a repeat offender will be less likely to make it easy for you to get from behind bars this time around.

#5: The Way You Present Yourself In Court

It’s not uncommon for a judge to go into a hearing ready to make a quick decision, only to be put off by a defendant’s behavior.

Disrespecting a judge is bad news since they have the power to set your bail at their discretion.

While a lawyer can always appeal, don’t give the judge any reason to be heavy handed in the first place.

Stand up straight, address the judge as “your honor” and avoid any statements that can be seen as not taking the matter seriously.

Now that you’re aware of the judge’s role in the cost of your bail, get in touch with our bail bond agents for a free consultation.


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