THE ARREST

      • When someone is arrested in Wake County they
        are detained and taken to the Wake County
        Detention center located on 3301 Hammond Rd.
        in Raleigh, North Carolina.



      • Upon arrival at the Wake County Detention Center
        ALL defendants will be booked and processed.
        Booking includes being properly identified,
        fingerprinted, and searched before being
        presented before a judge (magistrate) to
        receive conditions of release including Bail.


                 POSTING BAIL

      • To post bail in Wake County you will need to meet
        with one of our local Bail Agents to complete the
        necessary paperwork. A co-signer with valid I.D
        is required. Co-signers must be a resident of the
        state with proof of employment. Payment arraignments
        MUST be made prior to posting bail. You will pay a non-
        refundable fee up to 15%. However, financing is available.
        The entire process takes only 20 minutes, but release
        times vary based on activity at the Wake County. Call
        Warren Winston and Winston Bail Bonding
        at (919) 819- 6918 to post bail NOW!


Warren Winston
Bail Bondsman in Raleigh,NC

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