4 Things to Know Before Seeking a Bail Bondsman in NC

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4 Things to Know Before Seeking a Bail Bondsman in NC

Bail Bondsman in NC

Bail Bondsman in NC

Did a loved one or friend just get arrested? Are you frantically trying to figure out how to post their bail?

You’ve heard of bail bonds but what exactly are they and how do they work?Where do you start? There are many things to consider when thinking about getting a bail bondsman in NC. Before contacting a bail bond agency, several things need to be taken into account before signing on the dotted line of just any old agency.

Just like a car lot, not all bail bond agencies are the same. The process of finding a bail bondsman in NC can be either slow or fast depending on how quickly you move.

Keep reading to find out the five most important things to know before signing with just any ol’ bail bondsman in NC!

1. Who and Where

When someone you know has been arrested, immediately after you find this out it is important to find out where they are being held.

It is also important to know this person’s full name that you are seeking bail for.

2. The Charges

Along with knowing who was arrested and where they are being held, it is important to know what the charges are and the booking number of the person arrested.

These two details can be found out by the bail bondsman in NC but in order to save time, having this information prior to calling the bail bonds agency would be ideal.

3. The Amount

You know the who, the where, the what and the booking number. But how much does the person arrested have due in bail?

Like the charges, the bail bondsman in NC can find this out for you but in an effort to save time, knowing before hand speeds the process up for everyone.

You must also take into consideration the financial responsibility required to work with a bail bondsman. There is a 15% premium of the bond. Don’t let this deter you. This premium is a state requirement when working with a bail bondsman in NC.

4. Finding the Right Bail Bondsman in NC

There are tons of bail bondsman agencies across the United States. When looking for the right bail bondsman make sure to do research about the bail bondsmen in your area.

In North Carolina bail bondsmen, when asked to intervene the bail process, add a premium of 15% of the bail to the overall cost. It is also typical of a bail bondsman in NC to ask for a co-signer or piece of collateral to ensure the person arrested will show up to court.

When you’ve got a bail bondsman in NC in mind, make sure all of their licenses are up to date and the bondsmen abide by them.


Needing a bondsman can be a stressful and overwhelming thing to deal with. If you find yourself needing one now or soon, remember to take the process one step at a time and scout out all your possible resources. 

We know it can and will be stressful but it doesn’t mean you have to do this alone. Give us a call and we’ll answer all your questions.

We’re open 24/7, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

We’re the bail bondsman in NC that are here for you, every step of the way.


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